Talking Rhythm


This resource is a great series on lesson plans centered around rhythm. Easy to use, teachers can gradually introduce duple and compound rhythms, syncopation and the Kodaly rhythm syllables.  Each lesson includes a summary text, listening examples and exercises.

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Link: Talking Rhythm 

Rhythm Game

Rhythm Board Game


This is a game board using the same concept as Chutes and Ladders. Each square has a rhythm pattern using “ta,” “titi,” and “ta rest.” The appropriate audience would be Grades 1-4.

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Link: Rhythm Board Game

Rhythm Game


Rainbow worksheet

Rainbow Rhythm Composition Project


This resources is a composition project ideal for middle- to upper-level elementary grades. Students compose and assign rhythms to different colors of the rainbow, which they then rearrange into four-bar phrases. Students can then perform their rainbow rhythm compositions, and submit an audio/video recording (and the accompanying worksheet) for a performance assessment. The project encourages students to “get some fresh air and exercise by going for a walk outside,” which helps promote their well-being.

Price: Always Free

Link: Rainbow Rhythm Composition Project


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