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Virtual Music Room

Virtual Classroom Music Room Instructions

Ever wonder how to make a Virtual Classroom? Want your students to make their own virtual classroom? Check out this resource for step-by-step instructions! Olivia Yachnick offers instructions to build a customized classroom using bitmoji, google slides, and google images. Virtual Classrooms can [ ...→ ]


Cup Song Do-Re-Mi Activity

This lesson unit provides teachers with examples of how to help students make pitched instruments and perform at home. Created by Elizabeth Stavniychuk, students need little technology to participate in this unit. Price: Free During Covid-19 

Composers for Kids

Composers for Kids YouTube Playlist

The "Composers for Kids" playlist provides descriptions, fun facts, and biographies of composers. The videos vary in ways of presenting information; this playlist includes lectures as well as animations. Videos range in length from two to twenty minutes. Most videos will appeal to [ ...→ ]

Composers for Children

Composers for Children YouTube Playlist

Ideal for general music classes of any level, this YouTube playlist provides descriptions and biographies of composers. Contents range from short, animated videos covering information about a single composer to two-hour-long audiobook readings and everything in between. This playlist draws content from several [ ...→ ]

Five Minute Mozart

Five Minute Mozart

Ideal for beginner or general music classes, Five Minute Mozart provides videos on basic theory, piano tutorials and brief composer biographies. The basic theory videos cover concepts like note names, intervals, and rhythms. The piano tutorials include sheet music as well as piano [ ...→ ]


Alpha 4- Body Percussion

Alpha 4- Body Percussion is for younger elementary students as a supplementary activity on eighth note rhythms. The video utilizes clapping, snapping, stomping, and other body percussion techniques. The video presents the rhythms as a call and response format. Price: Free Link: Alpha [ ...→ ]


Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

Mrs. Miracle's Music Room has abundant podcasts and blogs that focus primarily on elementary classroom music. These tools are helpful for elementary music lesson planning and also contain ideas and resources for online learning. Also has the tools to assess creating music, musical [ ...→ ]



This is perfect for elementary general music teachers. Topics include basic note reading, scales, and harmony as well as famous musicians and instrument families.  Each topic comes with several interactive activities/games and a video lesson. Most of the activities and lessons are free, [ ...→ ]

Music at Home Bingo

Music at Home Bingo

Lauren Marcinkowski's "Music at Home Bingo" provides students a non-digital activity to enrich their musical experiences. This PDF includes multiple sheets for different ages of learners as well as multiple days' worth of lessons. With the included instructions, both teachers and parents would [ ...→ ]

Education Through Music

Education Through Music

ETM partners music teachers with schools and parents so that music is part of every students' life. Their website details how their program works and what resources/services they provide. Their excellent distance learning resources provide parents with many opportunities to aid and participate [ ...→ ]

Word Synth

Word Synth

Created by Google, Word Synth allows students to experiment with language and music. Users input their own words/phrase to be spoken on pitch. Drag the blocks up or down to change the pitch on any given word. Users can change the tonality and [ ...→ ]

Young Person's Guide

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Listening Game

Carnegie Hall provides an activity perfect for those who are looking for optional activities for their students to complete. This website turns Benjamin Britten's "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" into an interactive game for young students. Price: Always Free Link: The [ ...→ ]


Feierabend Fundamentals Virtual Schooling Resources

This Google Sheet is a database of lesson plans and instructional videos for students PK-5th grade, focusing on general music. It ranges from individualized lesson plans per grade to interactive video lessons. This resource is ideal for general music teachers trying to find [ ...→ ]


Fender Play

Students looking to learn acoustic or electric guitar, bass, and/or ukulele should know about this website! This website has over 2.5k online video lessons (and counting!) taught by professional musicians in addition to many different songs they can learn. These lessons are customizable [ ...→ ]



This program teaches general music skills as well as guitar, ukulele, bass, and piano through popular music. The free teacher membership includes a selection of pop and rock music that students can play along with. The interactive play-along mode shows the hand positions [ ...→ ]

Jazz Artist Bios for Kids

Jazz Artist Biographies for Kids

Ideal for younger students as an introduction to jazz, this resource provides different articles and videos on the style of jazz and famous jazz musicians. Each article presents the information in a style geared for younger students. In the introduction, "What's Jazz?", there [ ...→ ]

The Shed

The Shed

The Shed is a website with online music classes that contain free audio, video, and PDF resources. Classes are provided in music technology, guitar, band and music theory. The site also has PDF worksheets, lead sheets, quizzes, and videos covering subject including harmony, [ ...→ ]



This computer application allows students to improvise, learn, and compose music with their computer keyboard. It is perfect for allowing students to compose and share music in a time when many of them are away from friends and peers. Teachers can utilize this [ ...→ ]



This program makes music fun with scaffolded games that teach basic music concepts like theory, note reading, and ear training. Teachers can assign games and monitor progress directly from the app or website. There is also an option for parents to search for [ ...→ ]


O For Tuna Orff

This website gives ideas for elementary music and links to other resources. Included in this resource are links to a Facebook page to ask questions, a list of ideas for hands on dances and movement, Chrome music lab, The New Victory Theater in [ ...→ ]


Smithsonian Music

Smithsonian Music provides general music teachers an online museum of World Music. Teachers can browse lesson plans, playlists, albums, and more by genre, geography, or artist. They also provide podcasts and playlists online for free. There are also free lesson plans about world [ ...→ ]



This free site is perfect for creating interactive videos in any music class. Choosing from online video sources like YouTube, teachers can add closed captioning, questions, notes, voice overs, and more. Students can view the videos and submit their responses on the website. [ ...→ ]

Finding Music Resources

Finding Music Resources

The music students of Gettysburg College created this website to offer an easy way to sort through resources. Arranged in 30 categories, students curated and linked each resource. Price: Free Always Link: Finding Music Resources



This source is perfect for creating music in general music or music technology classes. Features include recording, exporting/importing audio, editing audio, and MIDI input. Price: Always Free Link: Audacity

Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids

This an incredibly comprehensive website in music for students grades K-5. Having won many awards, the contents of this site include lesson plans for teachers, games for kids, guides for parents, and books review, among MANY other resources. All lesson plans link National [ ...→ ]

sfs kids

SFS Kids

The San Francisco Symphony 's kids page is a great source for introducing kids to classical music. This website highly interactive and provides engaging games to teach concepts. Students will learn about important melodies in the orchestral repertoire. Students can also explore other [ ...→ ]

chrome music lab

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab offers a variety of musical "experiments" for students to explore. The program is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This lab allows students to explore and discover various elements of music on their own. The activities are colorful, highly engaging, and [ ...→ ]

Curwin Sol Fa Mi

Curwin Hand Sign Review YouTube Video

Perfect for students to apply their Solfege knowledge, this video is a review of the Kodaly pattern sol la sol mi. The video reviews the hand signs with an image displaying the hand signs. After the review, there is a pattern hill to [ ...→ ]


Organized Chaos

This is an ideal resource for music educators looking for additional resources for online learning. This blog post gives ideas for remote learning in 4 categories: virtual teaching, online resources, no-tech resources, and professional learning opportunities. The specific resources are all linked for [ ...→ ]


MIMphx YouTube Channel

The Musical Instrument Museum of Phoenix channel features tours and behind-the-scenes footage including musical instruments from all cultures, musical theater performance videos, and diverse talks from musical professionals of every background.Teachers can use these videos as listening assignments, on a platform like Edpuzzle, [ ...→ ]


Talking Up Music Education Podcast

Talking Up Music Education is perfect for all music educators as well as for interested secondary students. Each podcast features a guest; Vanessa Carlton speaks about being a singer-songwriter, and Eric Whitacre speaks on being a composer. The host, Executive Director of The [ ...→ ]


E-Learning Playlist for PK and Elementary Music

This YouTube playlist provides a comprehensive collection of Pre-K through Elementary resources that would be great for music teachers. These songs and Orff arrangements could help teachers generate content for lesson plans. While not necessarily independent student activities, the songs and games could [ ...→ ]

LKR logo

Little Kids Rock YouTube Channel

Little Kids Rock is a great organization that promotes the inclusion of modern band in the music classroom. Their YouTube channel provides free video lessons on drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and ukulele. There are also some inspiring performance videos and professional development videos [ ...→ ]


The Music Educator Blog

This blog is perfect for music educators of all grades and areas. The content ranges from articles about supporting one's students to podcasts with guest professionals about the classroom. Recently, helping the music educator teach from home has come to the forefront of [ ...→ ]


New York Philharmonic Young People’s Concerts Play!

The New York Philharmonic’s Young People’s Concerts are perfect for elementary music students, but there is value for secondary students as well. This site offers free NY Phil concerts with activities for students. Each concert listed has videos allowing students to interact with [ ...→ ]

teachingmusichistory page

Teaching Music History: Resources

This resource is ideal for secondary and post-secondary educators looking for music history-related online resources. This source includes great resources for every era of music history directly from the American Musicological Society Pedagogy Group. Resources include assignments, activities, handouts, syllabi, digital music reserves, [ ...→ ]

youtube playlist

Four Chord Ukulele Playlist

This YouTube playlist contains 86 popular songs that can all be played using only 4 chords. All videos display the chord diagrams during the song for students to follow along. This would be a perfect at-home practice resource for ukulele players of all [ ...→ ]

paint composer

Paint Composer

Paint Composer presents the student with a grand staff and several characters/icons with their own unique sounds. Students can move them around the staff and adjust pitch, note value, time signature, key signature, and tempo. You can save your composition as a URL [ ...→ ]

homemade instruments

52 Homemade Musical Instruments

This website provides a list of 52 instruments students can make at home. The instruments vary in complexity and necessary materials, so students will have plenty of options using items they already have at home. Most instruments work best for elementary students, but [ ...→ ]


Beginning Recorder YouTube Playlist

This playlist is ideal for young elementary students starting to learn the recorder. The playlist begins with a book, "Lazlo Learns Recorder," that demonstrates how to play the recorder. Following this, the playlist includes videos with backing tracks that show the note name [ ...→ ]


A Year of Sight Singing and Ear Training Playlist

This YouTube playlist is an excellent resource for students to learn and/or review different aspects of sight-singing technique. Each video, ranging from 3-8 minutes, covers different concepts including dictation, meter, key signatures, rhythmic practice, etc. as well as simple tunes, folk songs, and [ ...→ ]

Rhythm Game

Rhythm Board Game

This is a game board using the same concept as Chutes and Ladders. Each square has a rhythm pattern using "ta," "titi," and "ta rest." The appropriate audience would be Grades 1-4. Price: Always Free Link: Rhythm Board Game  

Elementary music teacher podcast

The Elementary Music Teachers Podcast

This podcast is great for Elementary Music Teachers looking for advice and wisdom. Seasoned music educator, Jessica Peresta, shares experience from years of teaching and mentoring music teachers. Topics such as burnout, planning, teaching at a new school, and teaching during COVID-19 are [ ...→ ]


Kodály Today YouTube Channel

This is an ideal resource for teachers looking to bring their Kodály instruction to online learning. This YouTube channel features insight into examples of activities and can be an inspiration for teachers to design their own lessons and activities for use in the [ ...→ ]

Blues artist instagram project

Blues Artist Instagram Project

Designed for the elementary/secondary general music classroom, this lesson plan incorporates information about blues musicians in a social media format. This is a barebones idea that the teacher would modify in order to maximize usefulness in the classroom. Likewise, the first slide encourages [ ...→ ]


Composition Project: Melody Recall

This introduction to composition is perfect for theory classes, online band and orchestra, and secondary general music! Clear directions on how to compose a basic melody for different instruments are provided. Students need access to notation software and the knowledge to create at [ ...→ ]


Online Spinner Music Wheel

This resource is ideal for elementary and secondary instrumental teachers but would require some modification for use in online/distance instruction. One can use this board game-like spinner to randomly select an option to play a passage a certain way (staccato, quietly, loudly, and [ ...→ ]

Bingo for Kids

Music Listening Bingo for Kids

Using a Spotify playlist of KidzBop songs, this Bingo for Kids activity is a great way to involve the whole family in music listening or to be used in the classroom on a regular basis! Kids use a bingo sheet to identify songs [ ...→ ]

Remix challenge cover

Soundtrap Remix Challenge

This quick lesson plan provides tools for helping your students create remixes on Soundtrap. Teachers can either download this as a PDF or use via Google Drive to copy and edit. This lesson plan is a great way to explore software such as [ ...→ ]

E-Learning Drive

E-Learning Google Drive

This resource is ideal for elementary general music educators who wish to give their students activities to do at home. The Drive includes calendars that give a different activity for each day. There are different calendars for each grade. While this does only [ ...→ ]

Music Class Worksheets

Music at Home Worksheets

Music at Home Worksheets are ideal for elementary students who want to continue their study of general music, these worksheets include scales, dynamics, composition, etc. Only scale activities come with assessments, however, teachers can re-purpose any activity as an assessment or lesson plan. [ ...→ ]

Teaching Music Online

Teaching Music Online PDF

This informational article details how to design and structure an online music class. It has numerous ideas for assignments, assessments, and the overall layout of online learning. Teachers faced with moving to online instruction will find much of value here. Price: Always Free [ ...→ ]

Dance Lesson Plan

Dance Lesson Plan

Ideal for pre-kindergarten through third grade music class, this lesson plan teaches concepts such as rhythm or meter through the use of dance. Abigail Kramer designed this lesson using the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. Her lesson plan includes standards, procedures, and assessment. [ ...→ ]

Elementary General Music Plans

Free Elementary General Music Lesson Plans and Resources

These lesson plan units and resources are ideal for educators planning lessons for third through sixth grade music. Created by Carole Corman, these lessons cover topics such as physics of music, music appreciation, music technology, music theory, and performance. The units also include [ ...→ ]

world drumming

Great Grooves World Drumming

This resource focuses on Gahu African Drumming and Dance as well as grooves from a variety of different cultures. This is an interactive website where students can create their own drum beats using the instruments from the culture. Students will read about the [ ...→ ]

Music/ELA lesson plans for at home learning

K-8 Music/ELA Lesson Plans for Home Learning

This is a very detailed lesson plan for use in any general music classroom, containing materials and possible adaptations for different grade levels. This may be somewhat challenging or uncomfortable for students who aren't used to talking about themselves in writing, but it [ ...→ ]

take home packet

Elementary Music Take Home Packet

This take-home packet is ideally suited for lower elementary general music classes. Rather than all activities (four total) fitting into one unit, it gives a wide variety, focusing on giving students the chance to interact with music. Students will compose melodically and rhythmically, [ ...→ ]

online games

Kelly Riley’s Online Classroom

This website is perfect for elementary students to review a variety musical topics while playing games. The games are split into grades 1-2 and 3-5. Price: Free Always Link: Kelly Riley's Online Classroom  


Ukulele Play-along Videos

Ukulele Play Along videos are perfect for any student at any age wanting to learn to play the ukulele. There are hundreds of songs on YouTube that can be accessed through links on the document. The document provides the key and chords used [ ...→ ]

instrument puzzle

Instrument Puzzle

This lesson would work well as an individual or at home activity for elementary students. One puzzle involves matching instruments to their names. The other involves matching musical symbols to their definitions. This is a simple cut and paste activity with answer keys [ ...→ ]

jam zone

Little Kids Rock Jam Zone

The Jam Zone is great for students of all ages to find songs and jam! The Jam Zone has a large list of popular songs where you can select your rock band instrument and view it as regularly noted OR the little kid [ ...→ ]

Music Bingo

Music Bingo

This musical bingo activity is great for elementary and early secondary general music students. The game card includes 16 different activities that students can do on their own time and submit to their teacher or online classroom. Students would require access to a [ ...→ ]

funky beat

How to Make a Funky Beat

This website is great for K-12 general music teachers who want to allow their students to create their own beat patterns. The list features 6 websites and apps that allow students to quickly produce beat/rap patterns on their own. Students require a computer [ ...→ ]


Syn-co-pa Distance Learning

This resource is ideal for elementary students learning syncopation. The PowerPoint details instruction, practice, and application of syncopated rhythms. The PowerPoint begins with different rhythms and a recording of each rhythm on the slide. Students are instructed to repeat the rhythm and then [ ...→ ]

Art and Music

Unit: Music in Relation to Other Art Mediums

This document is perfect for elementary general music, and possibly early middle school. Students will need to have access to different mediums of watching film, and may need to have a way to record themselves. The assignments provided are broad and allow room [ ...→ ]

Video screenshot

4 Simple Steps to Taking Your Music Class Online

This resource is ideal for general music educators looking for help on how to transition their instruction to online learning. This video "workshop" is free to sign-up for (must provide name and email), and the instructor talks through a PowerPoint presentation about transitioning [ ...→ ]

Flipgrid homepage

Flipgrid – Empower Every Voice

Flipgrid is an easy-to-use app and website perfect for providing a digital platform for classroom video based discussions. Teachers can create a "grid," which is accessible to students through their school emails, student ID, or a link, and then create discussions that students [ ...→ ]

Groove Pizza Lesson Plan

“Groove Pizza” with “We Will Rock You” Lesson Plan

Perfect for early elementary or middle school general music, this lesson plan involves starting with a rhythm repeating activity and follows a link from another website to a GroovePizza preset. This can function as a self-contained lesson unless the teacher wants to do [ ...→ ]

Powerpoint slide

Ukulele Beginner Resource Packet

This resource packet is ideal for individual ukulele practice with parent, teacher, or peer guidance. The packet provides different lessons on how to play the ukulele (i.e. notes/tuning, strumming patters, chords, chord progressions, etc.), and assumes limited prior knowledge in music theory and [ ...→ ]

Lion King

“Does Music Tell a Story?” Lesson

This lesson plan is ideal for young learners to analyze music. The lesson takes an analytical look at two tunes from Disney's "The Lion King." The lesson takes apart the tunes and breaks down analysis of different topics such as high and low [ ...→ ]

Rainbow worksheet

Rainbow Rhythm Composition Project

This resources is a composition project ideal for middle- to upper-level elementary grades. Students compose and assign rhythms to different colors of the rainbow, which they then rearrange into four-bar phrases. Students can then perform their rainbow rhythm compositions, and submit an audio/video [ ...→ ]

Webinar screenshot

Staying Connected Webinar

This video is perfect for teachers looking to learn more about teaching to a virtual classroom. It contains weekly teacher-led discussions of ideas, strategies, and mindsets to help keep students engaged. The webinars include lesson plan ideas and guides on use other different [ ...→ ]

Unusual Musical Instruments

What in the World?? Unusual Musical Instruments

This resource is perfect for K-8 general music lessons about non-traditional instruments. Students only require access to provided YouTube videos featuring unusual instruments and a provided PDF worksheet of accompanying questions. This resource is easily accessible and modifiable if the teacher wants to [ ...→ ]

"Rap My Name" logo

“Rap My Name” Lesson Plan

This resource is great for both general music & music tech classrooms of all ages. This is a self-contained lesson and only requires speaking in rhythm. Teachers might use it early in the year as an “icebreaker” activity. The project allows for the [ ...→ ]

Decolonizing Logo

Decolonizing the Music Room

"Decolonizing The Music Room" is a collection of podcasts, repertoire, research, articles, and books with a focus on non-Western music history and multicultural inclusion. Some resources are for educators exclusively, describing philosophies and methods of musical decolonization. Other resources are great for use [ ...→ ]

Feierabend Sheet

Feierabend Fundamentals Virtual Schooling Resources

This Google Sheet is perfect for elementary teachers seeking a fun creative way to incorporate lessons into a "workout" or goal-oriented learning process. This sheet includes different lesson plans and activities for students to do at home while also having some sort of [ ...→ ]

MusicTheory.net homepage


This app provides teachers with simple, interactive music theory instruction through available lessons and exercises. This app is perfect for ensemble teachers and theory teachers looking for supplemental materials to assist students with becoming familiar with and practicing music theory concepts, as well [ ...→ ]